BESPOKE by bec

An intimate, tailor-made process of repurposing under-worn, or family heirloom jewelry into a re-imagined custom design just for you.


the gift of BESPOKE

a wonderful gesture and thoughtful gift to begin the bespoke jewelry process

give the gift of bespoke


A Gardener's Stacking Bands

A Gardener's Stacking Bands

Ellen Gray, a gardener, contacted me about creating stacking bands, using the heirloom pendant from her husband's side of the family. She had seen the Polka Dot Band that I'd made for her friend, Stephanie, and loved it. Ellen Gray wanted something similar with the constellation pattern of tiny gemstones, flush set into the metal. She also wanted to wear her bands while she gardened. Ellen Gray's Family Heirloom Pendant...

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The Jewelry Movement Project

using movement vocabulary to arrive at a piece of jewelry

Coming Soon, JMP's first jewelry and movement project "House Finch"

The Jewelry Movement Project

My explorations with movement inform my sculptural designs.