Jewelry Care & Repairs

bec’s jewelry is meant to be worn daily and with ease, but please keep in mind as a general rule, jewelry is delicate and should be treated with care. To extend the life of your jewelry, remove before exercising, bathing, jumping in a pool and housework involving harsh chemicals. Always put your jewelry on after applying make up, scents, lotions, and styling hair. Also note, some people’s PH interacts with certain metals. My pieces are all made with Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold.

To clean your piece, we recommend using a soft jewelry polishing cloth, such as a Sunshine Cloth, to remove tarnish and keep sterling silver and 14K gold pieces clean and bright. Please note that blackened sterling silver jewelry need only to be cleaned with soap and water using a soft cloth as jewelry cleaner will remove the black finish. It is also recommended to clean pieces with a soft toothbrush, fragrance and dye free dish soap, and warm water, if needed for deeper cleaning.

Never use liquid cleaners or abrasive methods of cleaning. My Bright Silver pieces will continue looking bright and shiny the more you wear them. Storing in a ziplock bag or jewelry pouch is the best place when you’re not wearing your Bright Silver pieces everyday. Pieces made in 14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold are going to wear beautifully. With my Blackened Silver finish- over time, the darkened finish may brighten again. I’d be happy to re-oxidize (Blacken) a piece if the finish has brightened too much.

bec makes each piece by hand and stands behind the craftsmanship of her designs and will repair all bec jewelry. Each repair is reviewed on a case by case basis. Unless damage is due to defects in craftsmanship, repairs are subject to a reasonable fee. The buyer is responsible for all repair costs, including shipping. For more information, please send us an email at