Bespoke Service Process

Bespoke by bec: an intimate, tailor-made process of repurposing under-worn, or family heirloom jewelry into a re-imagined custom design just for you.


Step One: What’s in your jewelry box?

Beth encourages her clients to bring their old, fine jewelry into the redesign process for repurposing fine materials—i.e., precious metals and gemstones. Working closely with the client in person or remotely, Beth involves her clients at every stage of the process to realize a one-of-a kind piece. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to start a conversation with Beth to discuss how you can transform an old piece of jewelry into something special and meaningful to you.

Step Two: The design consultation and timeline.

Once the design has been discussed and approved, a non-refundable deposit (which will be applied to the final estimate) of $200—$300, depending on the project, is required. The client provides original materials to the designer in person, or by mail. Beth will provide a rendering of the custom piece and a rough estimate. The designer provides a breakdown cost analysis of the bespoke services estimate. 

Depending on the scope of the project and the designer’s schedule of other projects in development, the custom process timeline is 2-12 weeks. The designer will maintain regular contact to update the client with respect to any changes in the design schedule and any proposed completion dates.

Step Three: The design process.

A design sketch and/or wax model is either shown to the client virtually, and/or with images. The client and the designer may discuss any changes to the proposed design without additional cost to the client. After the final design is agreed upon, a payment for 50% of the final estimate is required. Upon receipt of funds, the designer has the wax design cast in the metal of the client’s choice, stones are set, and the piece undergoes a final cleaning and polish.

Step Four: Approval and delivery.

Once the piece is finished, Beth will meet with the client virtually (in person if local), or take photos and e-mail them for final review. Upon the client's approval of the finished piece, the client will pay for the final balance of the estimate. The piece will be shipped fully insured to the client.

A note from Beth: I love making custom designs, so I hope you’ll be willing to let me share the story behind your piece by being featured on my website’s journal, or social media.

Please check out my BESPOKE page for more information.

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