A Customer Testimonial

A Customer Testimonial

“A wonderful customer testimonial, makes me so happy. This one was really special.”

I am just overwhelmed by this sweet message from my customer, Diego that had purchased the Glacier Wedding Band. I asked him if I could share this and was thinking to paraphrase parts, but it’s so touching and beautifully written that I just wanted to share the whole story.

Hi Beth! I’m getting ready to leave a review and just wanted to mention how much I love this ring! When I read the card you sent along with it I was totally taken back by the fact that your inspiration came from Anza Borrego of all places, for the last several weeks I would go back to your page and stare at the images of this ring and the texture would totally remind me of the desert walls from all the slot canyons out in Anza Borrego, to read that in your letter just now was so cool! I also wanted to mention that my fiancé and I were friends for about a year or two before dating and we had actually gone on a young adult ministry leadership camping trip back in 2017 where we stayed in... Anza Borrego!

She and I bonded over our love for the outdoors and got to know each other pretty well on this trip and by the end I had made up my mind that she was somebody I wanted to pursue as a wife and I did just that through 19 months of intentional friendship. It was not easy but it was worth it, we got engaged in January of this year and will be getting married December 19, 2020. So to know that Anza Borrego was your inspiration to this ring that symbolizes my commitment to my soon to be wife (her name is Tierra) is just mind blowing, I will always look at this ring and remember exactly how and when I fell in love with the most amazing woman ever, this is much greater than a shiny new ring, this is a memory for a lifetime. 


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