Diamonds Studs Dress Up

Diamonds Studs Dress Up

BESPOKE PROJECT~ Earring Jackets


I made these Bespoke Earring Jackets for my client a few months ago. She wears a pair of lovely diamond studs in a white gold prong setting everyday and asked me to make jackets for fancy occasions. After a few design discussions, I had an idea to create a jacket that held the stud in a low profile seamless setting. Her everyday diamond studs are dressed up a bit and comfortably nestle into the jacket's construction for easy wear.

For this project, I worked with a CAD designer to create the design. I had carved a few models in wax, but wasn't completely satisfied with the construction and didn't feel that it would translate well thru the casting process into metal. Designing these jackets in CAD for her diamond studs to perfectly fit into jackets was a better approach for the execution of my intended design. 
Finished Earring Jackets after casting and stone setting. 
My client wearing her diamond stud with the bespoke ear jacket. 

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