Sweet Nectar

Sweet Nectar

Recently, I’ve been making slight changes with my parent's home. I moved out of NYC over a decade ago to help care for my mother. She passed away right before the pandemic began. I am still with my dad in their home. The paint color here in the dining room is Sweet Nectar by Benjamin Moore. 
I am realizing the process of transforming my parent's home, is very similar to my Bespoke Jewelry Process. 

Wallpaper is being removed and walls painted. I’m going room by room and also editing down the decor. Choices are being made of what really needs to be integrated into the design and what doesn't serve the redesign as well as it did in the original.

Playing around with loose gemstones and scrap metal my clients share with me for re-imagining their old jewelry, is like experimenting with paint samples and what will be displayed on the mantle. Just like creating a bespoke piece for a client, it's a very intimate and emotional journey.
My mother's style was lovely, but I wanted to change it up a bit. Honoring my parent's home that hadn't been painted in over 25 years, but also giving it a new interpretation that works within the parameters of the original. The color palette is brighter, but my selection scheme meshes with my mother's earthy hued fabrics and rugs. 
I made this bespoke ring for my mama several years ago. She wore it everyday until there came a day with Alzheimer’s that her daily jewelry remained in a jewelry box. 

I have created many Bespoke pieces for my clients over the years, but never something just for me. This will be bittersweet, transforming a bespoke ring I made for my mother into something for myself. I'm pretty sure it will be a ring that I can wear everyday just like my mom, but less of a cocktail style ring and more minimal.
I'll be sharing more about the process of transformation with decor and jewelry along the way. In August, my work will be featured in a group show at the local arts council. My work for the exhibition will document this story. 

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