Sand Wide Cuff

$180.00 $225.00

Origins/Source/Inspiration- Hammered repetitive application in onto metal with an inverted diamond, resulting in a shimmery texture much like sand.

Hand-forged wide cuff bracelet with applied sand grain texture. Fabricated with 6x2 low dome, half round wire.

Available in Bright Silver, Medium size for the Summer Sunsets Sale. 

I make these to order and it's best to measure your wrist to figure out a nice snug fit for comfortable wear. For measuring, use a cloth tape measure and wrap around the wrist below the wrist bone. Sizes show in the options menu and also referenced here.

XS: 5.0" - 5.5"
S: 6.0" - 6.5"
M: 6.5"-7.0"
L: 7.5-8.0”