Judy's Gems & Poppies Bombe Ring

Judy's Gems & Poppies Bombe Ring

I made this Bespoke Ring for my client, Judy, a few months ago. The design's motif was based on the gemstones she had from her jewelry box and the poppy flower engravings represent her husband's, Richard, flare for growing poppies every year. This redesign project was also made for Judy to celebrate her 70th birthday and wedding anniversary. 

My sketch of the design concept. 


Part of my process is having a sense of play.
I like to work with a sketch to scale where I can experiment with placement of gemstones. 

After removing Judy's gemstones from her old jewelry, the pear-shaped sapphires were sent off to be re-polished. I suggested we add the princess cut, green Montana sapphires to the design project. This gemstone's dreamy, green hue introduced another color to pair with her larger pear-shaped, blue sapphires that needed to not overwhelm the smaller diamonds. I was also thinking the square cut went well with the square diamond that I had repurposed from her old jewelry. There was a lot going on with this design and finding the right balance was critical to make it work. 

We discussed the placement of the gemstones to be almost like confetti, a confetti of gems. Additonally, I thought the poppy pods would be a nice area for a couple of the melee diamonds to be set. This is more clear in the CAD design below. 

CAD rendering of Judy's Ring

The CAD architect used my poppy flower designs for the engraving details in the ring. 

Judy shared this image of her ring with a stunning specimen from her husband's poppy garden.


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