Pamela's Gemstones & Shell Ring

Pamela's Gemstones & Shell Ring

Each of my bespoke jewelry projects have such unique stories. This is why I love the intimate process, working closely with a client to create a new design. I have known Pamela (Pam) since we were in grade school. We haven't seen each other in years, but that's the positive of social media, to keep connected to friends from long ago. I am so honored she asked me to re-imagine her family heirloom jewelry and put her trust in me during the process. 

My client sent me her old family jewelry to repurpose into a new design. The ring with the large blue stone was made for her years ago by another jeweler. The stone is quite sentimental; it was from her father's class ring. The diamonds are repurposed from a necklace her father had given to her mother. My client's father had passed away several years ago. Once I removed the large blue spinel from the old ring, I sent it out to be re-polished for the new design. 

This is the design that I created for my client. She has a getaway house at the beach and loved my idea of the shell detail. I also wanted to create a ring that would compliment her wedding ring that has cutouts and a leaf design detail, but also very polished. She wanted a cocktail style ring, but not heavy. The large stone of her father's was the starting point for the ring's size.

When I was designing this ring, I was also watching The Gilded Age. So, there's some influence that seemed to seep through with the design. My client's raw materials for the project just needed that Art Nouveau style of natural motifs, movement and refinement. I think it added a level of sophistication that paired well with her wedding ring.


To my client, I say this: Pam, you wear it beautifully! I hope we'll see each other in person soon. Thank you for working with me.


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