In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words

I'm sharing my client, Ashley's Instagram post from a few weeks ago, of course with her permission. 

Belated shout out to Beth E Coiner for creating these amazing rings that Patrick and I love so much. 


I've known Beth since the Gaea Yoga 1.0 days, when she had a studio on the lower floor of that building on Lucas Street (now a Page's overflow parking lot). I have always loved watching her sculpt, cast, and create as a jeweler. I still wear one of her bracelets that I acquired nearly 20 years ago (perhaps from a Worthwhile trunk show). I knew that if Pat and I decided to wear rings to represent our commitment, that she'd be the one to bring them to life. 

Her work has shifted through the last 2 decades, as is the case with artists invested in process and craft, but there has always been a component that is referential to natural elements and in particular, textures that I love. When we decided rings would be meaningful for us, I reached out to inquire about the process. 

I sent her some images (mostly of vintage rings with flush mounts and star engraving that I was drawn to), a few general preferences, and some jewelry from my childhood (repurposing and up-cycling always makes me super happy). She returned sketches combining/interpreting these concepts. We went back and forth a few times, then there were photos of wax castings, followed by these beauties. 

Pat and I both love that these rings are unique to us. They bear the mark of the maker. While they are new to us, they have the look of being old, even ancient, and are made in part of old things that became new things. Something about that seems right. I don't know if that makes sense, but it does to us. I couldn't have even spoken to that on the front end, but it came through in Beth's work, giving the rings even more meaning than we could've imagined. We've been wearing them since the day they arrived this past July, even though we didn't made it legal until a few weeks ago. 

So thank you times infinity to bec- you are amazing! The last pic confirms that jade and Montana Sapphires were the right call. I have a thing for greens! 

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