Polka Dots & Twig

Polka Dots & Twig

This is my first time working with a client on two bespoke projects together. Sometimes, I'll create a bespoke piece for a client and then later on another project will begin. I was thrilled to work on both a ring and necklace. My bespoke process, always take time, so these were spaced out over a few months with other client's projects in between. 

The Polka Dot Wavy Band, was the first piece I made for my client. She wanted to have an organic style band to nestle between her everyday silver rings. During the process, we referred to the new ring as "Polka Dot" because of the scattered pattern of bright pink rubies and white diamonds. These polka dot gems are repurposed from her family heirloom ring. The wavy profile was part of the band's concept for her new ring stack. 

Re-imagined materials for her Bespoke Polka Dot Wavy Band. 

My client's everyday silver rings, a Herkimer Diamond Ring from her husband, along with a ring she called her "Worm Ring".  The conceptual idea for her Bespoke Polka Dot Wavy Band, to fit in between them. She also wanted to sometimes wear it by itself.

I needed to borrow her silver rings during the process of wax carving, so I could create a band with a slight wavy profile. My client missed her everyday rings for a little bit, but I shipped them back as soon as the wax carving was done. 

Client modeling her rings together. 

She sent me this sweet image of her wearing her mixed metal ensemble as intended. I just love it when clients share images wearing their Bespoke Jewelry when the project is finished!  

Client's old jewelry for new designs.

I took this image of all the old family heirloom jewelry that she sent to me before we started on her two projects. I removed all the gemstones out of the settings and sent all the scrap gold to the refinery. The gold was credited from the refining process and used for new gold to make each project for my client. Once I had all the loose gemstones to play with, this enabled me to create concepts for both her Polka Dot Wavy Band and the Twig Emeralds & Diamonds Necklace. 


Twig Emeralds Diamonds Necklace Design Sketch

My initial sketches for the Twig Emeralds and Diamonds Necklace. My client really liked the idea of a twig with a couple of emeralds as leaves. She had a pendant made many years ago with this concept, but always felt that it wasn't quite organic enough and just too polished for her lifestyle. The former pendant was also worn with the twig interpretation on the vertical instead of horizontal. 

Necklace Sketch & Wax Carving

After review of my sketches, my client's only request to have the emerald leaves flipped in orientation to be on her heart side. The leaves represent her two young sons. The diamonds both in the twig portion of the pendant and also floating on the chain are from diamonds in her old jewelry she sent to me for the projects. 

Wax model of twig pendant to show scale. 

My wax carving of the twig necklace before shipping out for casting in yellow gold. This is also a great way to show scale of the design to my client.

Still Life Photo, Twig Emeralds & Diamonds Necklace

Once the design is finished, I always ask for an extra day, so I can take some images before shipping to my clients. I also took this image of me modeling her necklace to show how it wears. It hangs on her a little higher than on me, but gives an idea for perspective and scale. 

Twig Emeralds & Diamonds Necklace on model.

Every step along the way, my client was so gracious and trusting with my bespoke jewelry process. I kept her informed with the many stages involved to create her new designs. My projects always take time to create from start to finish, but it's pretty magical what comes out of this somewhat intimate jewelry making journey even when it's all done virtually. 

Still Life photo of bespoke necklace project.

Like most of my clients, the Polka Dot Wavy Band and Twig Emeralds & Diamonds Necklace, are very special "gifts to self". As always, I'm so thankful for my wonderful clients. It's true a delight, re-imagining their old jewelry into a whole new design, made just for them out of sentimental, family heirloom, precious materials. 

If you would like to celebrate someone in your life or something for you, The Gift Of Bespoke is an idea for the gifting season. I'd love to work on a Bespoke Jewelry Project with you in the New Year!

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